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  1. One of the honest and good astrogers I have come across..has good knowledge in both astrology and sprituality.Also charges very less and very friendly too..I would highly recommend him.

  2. A good knowledgable astrologer who gives exact predication of happening in my life and predict the reason and overcome with the practical solution.

  3. Services of astrologer vijendrra gairola
    are nice. His predictions are also accurate .He performs puja in effective manner.

  4. Krishna sharma is a very good astrologer and with such low fees the prediction for me was perfect. I would recommend him to others.

  5. Astrologer Krishna Sharma has predicted for my three horoscope of the family and was accurate on many areas of life. Very Good astrologer with simple remedies which are really helpful.

  6. Dinesh Gaur is a very good astrologer and listenend to me patiently. He has a good knowledge about planets which he explained me in detail. He performedpuja too and was clear in mantra recitings. Would recommend him.

  7. Astrologer Ganesh gaur was good and gave some precise readings about me. he is a good astrologer. Iam happy with his predictions.

  8. I happy with Durgesh Binjola prediction. He listened to me patiently and then gave me reasons for the problem iam facing. Many of his predictions were right from my past. Thanks vijendra Ji

  9. आचार्य बिजेंद्र गैरोला जी एक अच्छे ज्ञानी ज्योतिषी हैं जो मेरे जीवन में होने का सटीक संकेत देते हैं और भविष्यवाणी करते हैं और व्यावहारिक समाधान के साथ पार कराते हैं

  10. The blog was good providing not the copy and paste things but the astrologers have taken time to write the answer. just to check I started by paying for one question and i received the answer which was 70 to 80% right. After which I asked the astrologer to predict my marriage life. I don’t know which astrologer has done the prediction but the prediction which i received by mail was very good and was explained in a detailed manner. I will surely go with the simple remedies provided. Thanks for the service.

  11. received my report it was analysed report and it predicted about my personality, my past and why the problems are coming to me. Great analysis. Hoping for the remedies to work.Thanks

  12. Hi…
    Good Blog with original answers given by astrologers. Your free consultation is also good. i have taken free consultation on Quora from you. Thanks for the astrologer who has taken out time to give me answer. But the astrologer has missed out on remedies.

  13. Very good with detailed explanation. Would like to get the name and the contact number of the astrologer who has provided the analysis Thanks..

  14. Have asked for two questions.? Very good prediction for me. Was right with most of the points. Will come back again.

  15. Iam happy with the service and will come back with few more questions. I have a issue that the answer send o me took 3 days, whereas it is mentioned 24 hrs on the website. Hope you correct it.

    1. Thanks for the message and our apologies for the delay. hence forth we will take care of it and see that the analysis reaches within the specified time.

  16. This is my second order. It was good for me and the prediction were good. Have ordered for my sister which was also delivered on time and was mostly correct. Pricing also is less. I would rate you 8 out of 10. Thanks

  17. Iam happy with astrologer krishna prediction. Before going ahead with the analysis I had asked him about my past which he had provided right. After this I ordered three kundali from him for my family. Thanks for the analysis krishna sharma

  18. The astrologer who replied to my questions was good and predicted my past mostly correct and I hope that the future prediction also goes right for me. kindly provide me the deatils about the astrologer. Thanks.

  19. मुझे गणेश गौर द्वारा भेजा गया विश्लेषण और भविश्य के बारे में बता बड़ा अच्छा लागा l उन्होंने बहुत सारी बातें मेरे बारे में सही बताया l में उनका धन्यावाद कर्ता हूं l

  20. bada accha phalit kiya hain krishna sharma ji ne. mujhe bahut sukun mila unse phalit kara ke. Unhone mujhe upay bataye hain jinhe mein karungi. Dhanyawad guru ji

  21. Iam happy… Less money and good analysis. Thanks,. Will ask friends also to get analysis. Good astrologer.

  22. Received a good analysis but received it after 2 days. I was going to ask my refund but iam happy now with the predictions. I would suggest you to improve your tat.

    1. Our sincere apologies for the delay caused. At times the astrologer is busy and cannot deliver it on time. We are working upon it and further we will see that the deadline fixed is respected. We face such issues very rarely but nevertheless it will be looked upon. Thanks

  23. I got my detailed typed kundli and imost of the events do match. Good and keep up the good work. Thanks

  24. बढिया था l मुझे सारा बताया की क्यूँ मुसीबत आयी.I आगे में दिए हुए उपाय करूंगी l रिजल्ट आएगा ऐसी कामना करती हूं l धन्यवाद विजेन्दर जी का l

  25. very well analysed. Most of the things said were right except for one or two things which has’nt happened, but i will be cautious about those things. Thanks !!!!

  26. after going through the blog i thought of giving it a try. Was satisfied with the analysis and most of the past predictions were correct. Got some simple solution. Hope they will be helpful

  27. I took a free analysis and thought that it will be just a small analysis but was surprised to see a in depth analysis of my chart. Thanks for analysing my chart

    1. Thanks for your feedback
      We receive a lot of free queries and it depends on the astrologer time and the question asked that the reply is sent. We feel sorry that we cannot provide answers to all the questions. You have been among those lucky customers whose question has been answered by the astrologer.

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