Effects of Mars Transit into Aquarius from 4th May 2020 to 18th june 2020

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Transit taken from moon sign

Mars will change its sign from Capricorn to Aquarius on 4th may 2020 at 21.04 pm. It will be moving from its exalted sign which is ruled by Saturn into another sign of Saturn. It will stay in Aquarius from may 04 to June 18 2020. Mars is said to be a natural malefic planet. Mars represent aggression, fights, war, anger, land, younger siblings, blood, accidents, cut, property, desire, debt, action, energy and so on. This planet is also the natural owner of the 8th house of death as per kalpurush kundli. The sign Aquarius is a fixed sign and it has air element in it. Mars represent fire element. Aquarius being of air element will help mars to increase the energy as it receives fuel in this house. Since Saturn is a hard task master and mars doesn’t fear from any sort of hardwork this placement of mars will bring positive result to those who are ready to go for an extra mile to deliver result. Mars will be moving through Dhanistha, shatabhisha and poorvabhadrapad Nakshatra. Dhanistha being its own Nakshatra will find positive things happening during this period. Shatabhisha (ruler rahu ) will find issues coming up and creating confusion, hatred and problems. People getting involved into excess enjoyment can be seen. In the poorvabhadrapad Nakshatra ( ruler Jupiter ) things will again become positive, Since mars rules the 8th house as per the kaal purush kundali and it entering the 11th house of gains as per the same kaal purush kundli should see sudden things happening in a positive way. Previously it was in the sign of capricorn wherein it has suddenly got people away from work. Being exalted this had impacted in a big way. Mars transiting any house will bring in sudden things in relation to that house.   Let’s see how is it going to affect different signs;-

  1. Aries Sign – For aries, mars is going to move into the 11th house of gains, profits, fulfillment of desires, paternal uncle. wealth from profession, source of income, speculation, friends and so on. Mars being the lord of one fixed and one movable sign makes it comfortable to be in Aquarius sign. This shows that native with such placement will find their pending desires to be fulfilled during this period. Sudden benefits can also be seen during this period. Aspect from Jupiter, sun or moon will increase the level of benefits to be received. Aspect from mercury, Saturn and rahu will provide troubles to the native and aspect from venus, and ketu will be neutral for the native. From the 11th house mars will be aspecting the 2nd, 5th and the 6th house as such gains and profits from profession or business can be seen. Taking debt can also be seen but getting worried from it should not be seen and infact this debt will be utilized for generating gains and profit. Relationship with spouse can create problem and should be taken care of. Mars being the lord of 1st and the 8th house will also give way to receive ancestral property. Lagna lord is 11th house gives rise to great dhana yoga, Problems in the external and internal reproductive organs, pelvic bones, RBC, anal and parts close to pelvic region can be seen during this period.
  2. Tauras Sign – For Tauras, mars is going to move to the 10th house of profession, work, status, power, prestige, acceptance in society, financial success and so on. Mars gets directional strength in the 10th house and is strong. Venus which rules tauras has neutral relationship with mars and as such mars will provide mixed result. Professional success can be seen and people who are waiting for the result of their appraisals will find it beneficial during this period. If Saturn aspects this house then benefic result will become more prominent. Saturn is the yogakaraka and rules the 9th and the 10th house. Aggressiveness and extra energy can be seen during this period as mars will be aspecting the 1st house. Native can go ahead to buy property during this period and property purchased will provide benefit to the native. Native will face issues from children’s and should be extra cautious for their children. Closeness to spouse or love life will increase during this period and relationship will become stronger.
  3. Gemini Sign – Mars enters the 9th house for this sign which denotes father, higher education, luck, foreign travels, loss of karma, spirituality and so on. Mars shows enemity with mercury and as such this placement will not be beneficial to the native. Since the lord of the house where mars is placed has friendly relationship with mercury some positive effects can be seen, Native father will be in problem during this period. Health of father should be taken care of. Any sort of investment should be delayed as it will be loss making. Mars from the ninth house is aspecting the 12th house as such loss will be triggered. Native trying out for going abroad can try out during this period. Chances will be high for such natives. Some issues may arise with siblings and happiness at home will be affected. Staying calm and taking guidance from elders should be the right way to get ourt of this period.
  4. Cancer Sign – For cancer mars will be moving into the 8th house of death, sudden events, occult, ancestral property, spouse wealth accidents and so on. Mars has a friendly relationship with moon and is the yogakaraka planet. Its placement in the 8th house will try to evade the illeffects of the house. Mars will provide some sort of sudden wealth to the native during this period. Since it is placed opposite to the 2nd house of family growth and is the lord of the 5th house addition of a new member to the family can be seen. Native of this sign who are facing problem of childbirth can try out and be successful during this period. Mars from the 8th house is aspecting the 11th house of gains too as such gains will be realised in any form. Native will have cordial relationship with siblings and will show courage. Since 8th house is the house of sudden things as such native should refrain from driving as much as possible. Chances of accidents can be high during this period. Professionally there can be issues and as such any decision taken professionally should not be taken without thinking twice and taking advice.
  5. Leo sign – For leo mars will be moving to the 7th house of marriage, partnership, business, public image, travel, daily earnings, gains from guru and father. Mars has friendly relationship with sun that owns the Leo sign and is a yogakaraka planet too. Mars from the seventh house will aspect the 1st house as such aggression, anger, extra energy and passion can be seen. Mars in the seventh house is not desirable for marriage and as such native will find issues in marriage. Relationship with spouse may become bad. Due to professional commitments issues may rise in married life. Native who are in business will see business grow. Accumulation of wealth will be of utmost priority during this period. Chances of breakage in marriage or marriage delay can happen. Speculation should be avoided and any sort of arguments and fights should be avoided at home and business. A chance of native going to jails is also high during this period. Refrain from taking and giving debt during this period as such debt will create trouble for the native.
  6. Virgo sign – For Virgo mars will be moving to the 6th house of debt, disease, enemies, job, fire, theft, litigation, opposition and so on. Mars here has enemity with virgo and as such its placement in this house will bring lots of enemies, debt and problems in life during this period. Mars signifies debt and native will get many chances of taking debt during this period which should be avoided. Mars aspects the 9th house which can make expenses increase on the health of father. Its aspect on 12th house will make the native spend on entertainment and aspect on the 1st house will make the native take wrong decision, Overall this transit is a trouble giver and can create some big issues to the native. Since mars shows courage and as such native will be able to tide through the unfavorable time. Native will do good in job and will be able to overcome any issues arising,
  7. Libra Sign – For Libra sign Mars will be moving into the 5th house of romance, children, intelligence, education, speculation, love, earnings from government and so on. Mars has a neutral relationship with the lord of this sign. Mars becomes a maraca for this sign due to owning of the second and the seventh house but being in the trine it will provide positive result. Those finding problems in love and marriage can find positive result during this period. Sudden gains can also be seen and native those who are involved in stock market can find some good profits. Health of children should not be neglected. Mars will be aspecting the 8th house which can bring sudden unexpected result in life. Its aspect on the 11th house will increase gains whereas aspect on 12th house will increase expenditure on love life and relationship. Expenditure of child for hospital can also occur which should be taken care off during this period. Unwanted past relationship may rise during this period which can create trouble for the native.
  8. Scorpio Sign– For Scorpio mars will be moving into the 4th house of happiness, land and property, mother, primary education, family surrounding, childhood, things below earth like oil, agriculture, vehicles and so on. Being the owner of the 1st house and being in the 4th house it will provide mostly positive result. The only weak point is that it looses its directional strength. This indicates that any sort of work which is done in the direction which mars (South) represent may not provide adequate result. Students will find their result to be satisfactory. Affection and love from mom will increase. If looking out for purchasing any sort of land or vehicle then the time period is good for such natives. Overall happiness at home can be seen. From 4th mars will aspect the 7th house bringing more love and romance among the married couple and those in relationship. The seventh house aspect will get any sort of the uncompleted work done and can provide positive result at work place. The 8th aspect will bring in gains. Aspect on the 11th house from the 4th house will mostly get the wishes fulfilled. So go ahead and fulfill your dreams and wishes.
  9. Sagittarius Sign – For Sagittarius  mars will be moving into the 3rd house of younger siblings. Short travels, communication, valour, courage, mental abilities, father in law and so on. Mars has friendly relationship with the lord of Sagittarius and as such short travels which will provide success can be done during this period. Communication will be at its best and will provide good result. Understanding with younger siblings and mutual helping will be seen. The energy of mars will be utilised in a positive manner and as such native will be find overall success in this period. Mars generally does good in the 3rd house. From the third house mar will aspect the 6th house which will provide relief from debt and any sort of disease. People awaiting result of competitive exam will get positive news. The aspect on the 9th house will increase the luck and as such this also will make competition in favour of the native. Career wise too native will be doing good. This transit will bring mostly positive result.
  10. Capricorn Sign – For Capricorn mars will be moving into the second house of speech, family, wealth, food habits, savings and so on. Saturn the lord of Capricorn is neutral to mars. Mars gets exalted in Capricorn and as such it will provide wealth but not without any hardwork. This period will see increase in savings and stuck money will flow in. Family life will be good. This period may see an increase in appetite of the native. Relationship with spouse may be problematic. Native should have control on his words which may be a problem giver to the native. Anger will frequently be unleashed on family members which should be taken care off. From the 2nd house mars aspects the 5th house of children and this aspect may see more closeness to children. Those staying away from children will get chance to meet them. Aspect on 8th house may make the native victorious in any of the pending litigation or court case. Chances of getting ancestral property are high. Aspect on the 9th house will bring in luck and will favour the native in most of the cases. Father will be helpful to the native.
  11. Aquarius Sign – For aquarius mars will be moving into the 1st house. The lord of aquarius sign Saturn is neutral to mars. Mars in the sign of aquarius will provide mixed result. 1st house stands for self and is known for your personality, work style, attitude, appearance whether public or private, strength, weakness and so on. This house is the king of your chart and holds every activity which happens. Since aquarius sign is ruled by Saturn, native will find most of the qualities to work upon the native during this period. Native will become a hardworker, will take interest in his subordinates, will be helpful to the poor and needy, will suddenly find himself taking less interest on dressing or looking good, over sweating will be seen and native will start distancing himself from others. He will start loving staying alone and will become stingy or miser. Moving away from relationship and thinking of becoming selfish can be seen in this period. Native will become intelligent and may take some good decision which will benefit the society or atleast his close ones. From the 1st house mars will be aspecting the 4th house which will make the native to look out ways for keeping himself happy. Investment in any sort of property should be avoided. Pending purchase of vehicle if any for family will be realised. Native should stay away from driving, court cases, litigation as the 8th house aspect can get the native into trouble. 7th house aspect will bring closeness in relationship only for a short period or due to need.
  12. Pisces Sign – For pisces mars will be aspecting the 12th house of loss, expenses, hospital, foreign or long distance travel, jail, bedpleasure, moksha and so on. Jupiter the lord of this sign has friendly relationship with mars. 12th house being a malefic house and mars being a natural malefic will provide mixed result for this sign. Native can get to see hospital, jail and can face issues in a foreign place during this period. Apart from this expenses can rise due to getting indulged into excess entertainment. For seeking pleasure or entertainment, energy is required and mars will provide excessive energy in this house. Native will be active and this excess activeness should be taken care of because of this house having link with hospitals too. Native will get attention from the opposite sex during this period. Love closeness will increase and native will find love during this period. Aspect on the 3rd house will bring in some issues with younger siblings due to communication. Communication with people will become less. Debt will rise along with rise of enemies and disease. Cheaters un love and relationship will get caught during this period due to which there can be problems in life, Staying away from such things will bring benefits to the native. Business may suffer loss and partnership business may find trouble.