Some sutra to be checked in a horoscope for good life

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  1. Moon and Saturn in the 7th house will create trouble to the mother and can make relationship go bad.
  2. Moon and Saturn in 8th house and aspected by rahu gives suicidal tendencies
  3. Saturn and mars opposition or mars in 8th and aspected by Saturn will give accident to the native and can even provide operation to the native or death on operation table can also happen.
  4. Ascendant in the 12th house gives many enemies,  will be falsely implicated into wrong things and he will have suicidal thoughts coming atleast once in lifetime and he will try it too.
  5. In the dasha of rahu and antardasha of ketu the native mostly gets troubles which are unbearable and very harsh.
  6. If the 2nd house lord is placed in the 9th house or the 11th house then the native childhood will be troublesome but the rest of the life will be trouble free and happy.
  7. If the second house lord is placed in the ascendant or lagna and the lord of ascendan is placed in the second house then the native will easily get wealth without much hardwork. Here it has to be noted that if he does little hardwork the profits from it will be higher as compared to the effort.
  8. If sun is placed in the 11th house then the native will have many enemies but he will come out victorious every time. None of the enemy will be able to harm such natives.
  9. If the 8th house lord is aspected by Jupiter then the native life will increase.
  10. In a female horoscope if rahu is placed in the second house then she is not going to be happy by residing close to her birth place. She will be happy by being in a foreign country or atleast vey far away from her birth place.
  11. If mars aspects exalted saturn by its 4th, 8th and 7th aspect the native becomes very good at speech and can be good at debate. Such native can become a good politician too.
  12. If venus is in the 11th house then the native become more wealthy and successful after marriage
  13. If ketu is present in the 8th house then sudden gain of wealth in lifetime is sure. If the sign aries, tauras, Gemini, virgo and scorpio happens in the 8th house then lifelong stomach troubles will be seen.
  14. If Saturn is in tauras sign, then native becomes very angry quickly and after marriage native will earn less and spend more. Overall not a good placement.
  15. Ascendant or Lagna having  fixed signs like Tauras, Leo, scorpio and aquarius and 6th house lord aspects the ascendant or lagna from anywhere then the native becomes wealthy and earns good in his life.
  16. Venus in the ascendant make the native love music and will work out for being happy. Happiness can be in any form.
  17. Saturn in the lagna  and Jupiter either in a quadrant or trine  then native will get ancestral property or father will create property for the native.
  18. If moon and mercury get conjuncted in the trine or quadrant then the native will surely be intelligent.
  19. If moon gets aspected by any of the exalted planet then native will become wealthy in his life time.
  20. If sun has any planet on both sides of the house it is placed in except moon then the native will speak very well, will be extrovert and will be successful in most of his efforts along with becoming wealthy.