Some Sutra ( planet placement formula ) to be noted in a horoscope

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1.Moon in the second house in the sign of leo, virgo and gemini mostly indicates first male child birth in a family. This needs to be seen in the male chart and if this placement is placed in both the husband and wide chart then it becomes more prominent.

2. A person who has mars opposite to sun or moon and has mercury in the sign of aries, tauras, cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn will be dhurth ( sly ) and hence should be dealt with caution. Lagna should also be weak and afflicted by malefic planet.

3. Ascendant lord conjunct sun in any house in a horoscope will provide gains to the native overall and particularly related to the house placed.

4, Exalted ascendant lord in a horoscope will make the native wealthy, charitable and a well known person in the society. The result and intensity will depend a lot on the degree strength of the ascendant lord and aspect on it.

5. ^th lord in the 8th house will provide good result to the native and forms Vipreet raj yoga but in this case the native doesn’t believe anyone easily. He will never believe anyone which will imply for his family members also. ( Vipreet raj Yoga is formed when the lord of 6th, 8th and the 12th house lord occupies the other malefic house like the 6th lord in 8th or 12th house, 8th lord in 12th or 6th house and 12th lord in 6th  or 8th house. Sudden wealth or good things happen in such placement, but such good things will be for a short period )

6. Jupiter and venus in the 8th house will provide defeat in court cases to the native. In case of such placement court cases should be avoided to the maximum and settlement should be done out of court.

7. If two planets are placed in the 10th house and both of them are friendly to each other then the native will be famous and well known.

8. Sun and moon conjunction in the 9th house will make the native wealthy and if it happens to be the sign of either sun or moon then the wealth increases manifold. Moon in the cancer sign will make Monday a fortunate day for the native.

9. Sun in the second house and saturn aspect on it from anywhere will create hurdles in wealth creation. Native will find it difficult to create wealth and have bank balance.

10.9th house lord in the quadrant ( 1.4,7 and 10th house ) will make the native lucky and successful at a very young age.

11.In the horoscope if the 5th and the 9th house lord get’s conjuncted in the 7th house, then it forms a first rate raj yoga and will provide a very happy, wealthy and successful life for the person.

12.Rahu and ketu in the 9th or 5th house and conjunct the Kendra or quadrant house will provide very good result for the native. This conjunction forms way for creating wealth.

13. Debilitated and retrograde Saturn will provide good result to the native.

14.  Leo lagna people are said to become angry very easily but will be virtuous ( Nek ) by heart. He will not be comfortable working under others.

15. In the female horoscope if the sun is in the 3rd house and Saturn in the 6th house then she will be either be a high ranked officer  or will be the wife of a high officer ranked native.

16. Sun in the 9th house will provide wealth along with happiness from the son.

17. Ascendant lord in the second house, second house lord in the 11th house and 11th house lord in the ascendant or 1st house creates a great dhana yoga and the native will be highly wealthy and will hoarde huge wealth. Native will never be short of Money.

18. Moon and mars conjunct in the 2nd or 3rd house and rahu in the 5th house will make the native wealthy, will provide government job or will make the native a high ranking official.

19. Saturn transit through the 5th house will make the native life troublesome and can make the native life miserable. This transit can even make a person from riches to rags. Native can leave the house and family too.

20. Jupiter in the 8th house though protects the native from fatal accident but will not provide happiness and support from children in old age. Similarly Saturn in the second house will provide protection from accidents but will make the native struggle for wealth creation.

21.For Sagittarius ascendant if Saturn is present in the 3rd house then it will create hurdles in creating wealth.